The Great Migration

From July to October, the grazing animals take a four-month-long trek towards the Mara River. In desperate need of water to drink and grass to graze, the countless herds need to cross the river to reach the lush, green grasslands in Maasai Mara. The world's most spectacular sights truly happen at the mass crossing of the swollen Mara River.

Wildebeest crossing the mara river
Depending on the amount of rainfall, the chosen crossing place is usually shallow enough to allow the majority of the herd to cross safely. However, most of the river is deep and fast flowing, with steep banks on either side. Many of the weaker animals are swept away by the strong river currents or are trampled by the stampede of the other wildebeest as they swim. Hundreds of animals die during the crossing. The close-following predators are always in for a treat at this time of year.


The Safari Adventure Experience

Game Whisperers Adventures experts carefully chooses some of the best locations to view the wildebeest expedition, one of Kenya's strategically placed safari lodges, including the luxurious Governors' Il Moran Tented Safari Camp in the Masai Mara. Other exotic neighbouring camps that offer an excellent view of the migration include Keekorok Lodge, Governor's Main Camp, Little Governors' Camp, eco-friendly Ilkeliani Luxury Tented Camp, Bataluer Camp, and Mara Springs Safari Camp. Some Tanzanian lodges that also offer a great view of the wildebeest crossing during this time include Kirawira Tented Camp, Migration Camp, Moru Camp and Grumeti River Camp. We always strive to book you in to some of the itimate locations depending on the movement of the Wildebeest migration.

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